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Liang Dominguez Fong 
Havana, Cuba (b.1975)

Liang Dominguez Fong was born in Havana, Cuba on January 24, 1975, daughter of the 2010 National Prize for Plastic Arts Nelson Domínguez and the renowned painter Flora Fong. She is a painter, engraver, serigraphist and sculptor. Liang graduated from the San Alejandro School of Arts and also has a Master’s Degree in advanced arts from the Cuban University of Arts (ISA). Liang's work has been exhibited internationally in Miami Wynwood Gallery and in San Francisco (Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts) in the United States, along with exhibitions in Malaysia, Spain and France. She took part in the exhibit "Arte Cubano, Between the Canvas and the Paper," at Sala Miro in Paris, France. Since 2000, she has been the director of the Contemporary Graphics Studio in Havana. She was awarded the Prize of Plastic Arts.

Numerous are the collective exhibitions to which she has been invited since 1999, among them those shown in prestigious galleries such as the Grand Palais in Paris, Casa América in Madrid and Elle Six Gallery, as well as in other rooms in cities in Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Martinique.The most recent are China in Blood I and II. The first, in the Casa de Asia, in the historic center of Havana, and the second in the House of Chinese Arts and Traditions, in the Chinatown of the Cuban capital. In both, Flora Fong and her sons Liang and Li display their personal styles through paintings, sculptures, and installations. Critic Nelson Herrera Isla has said of Liang's work that her canvases "express her way of seeing China, from the Cuban point of view and her style, in a clear process of expansion, as an authentic creator". In statements to 55 Minutes, Liang Domínguez Fong said that she is "the fruit of a great love", that of her parents, famous plastic artists.


Education and Professional Experience


1986-1989 Elementary School of Plastic Arts “20th of October”

1989-1993 San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts

1993-1998 Higher Institute of Art. Specialty: Engraving.


Other activities


2000 Decoration of the Habanos shop, Novotel Miramar. Havana, Cuba.


Personal Exhibitions


2004 ‘’Trace in the Glance’’. 23 y 12 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2000 “Tribute to Engraving”. Seventh Havana Biennial, Carmelo González Gallery, House of Culture of Plaza, Havana, Cuba.

1999 “Labyrinth’‘. Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana, Cuba.

1998 “Spiral of Dreams’’. Sierra Maestra Salon, Habana Libre Tryp Hotel, Cuba.

1996 “Just a Glance’’. Sotage Gallery, Puerto la Cruz Modern Art Center, Venezuela.

Collective Exhibitions and Events


2023 La Galeria Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA

2005 ARCO Fair 2005. Madrid, Spain.

Contemporary Cuban Art. Traveling exhibition. Biondetta Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2004 ARCO Fair 2004. Madrid, Spain.

Art and Fashion. Tourist Convention. Varadero, Cuba.

2003 “Let’s Do It’’. Habanos Festival. Palace of Conventions, Havana, Cuba.

“From Father to Son’’. Romerías de Mayo. Holguín, Cuba.

“Metaphors and Dreams of a Family’’. Oriente. Gallery, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

“Art and Fashion’’. Casa de la Obra Pía. Havana, Cuba.

“Without Barriers’’. “The Trades” Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

Workshop of Contemporary Graphics, 23 y 12 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2002 “The Multiple Trace’’. Development Center for the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.

2002 “Serious Divertimentos’’ Fashion House La Maison. Havana, Cuba.

2001 13th Biennial of San Juan, Puerto Rico, of Latin American and Caribbean Engraving.

“Seven Women and One Man”. ICAIC Cultural Center, Havana, Cuba.

‘’Tribute to Women’’. Register of Cultural Goods, Havana, Cuba.

2001 ‘’Cuban Art: between Canvas and Paper’’ Miró Hall. Venue of the UNESCO. Paris. France.

2000 “Unity in Diversity’’. Cuban Painting Today. Fort-de-France, Martinique.

“Pointed Brushes”. Together with the 17th International Ballet Festival of Havana. “The Trades” Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

“Pointed Brushes”. Hotel Meliá Varadero. Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

Babel 2000 “Village to the Island to the World’’. Romerías de Mayo. Holguín. Cuba.

First Salon of Eroticist Art. “La Acacia” Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

1999 “Beyond Paper’’. “Conde Duque” Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain.

“Crocodile in Its Ink’’. “The Art Print’’ Fair, Madrid, Spain

1999 “Factory Dreams’’ Art consultants. Contemporary Art Gallery, Córdoba. Argentina.

“Between Streets”.”Galería Cuba 513″. René Portocarrero Serigraphic Workshop.

“BABEL”.’’The Cuban Tower’’. Polytechnic University of Catalonien, Spain.

“The Young Print’’. Casa de las Américas. Havana. Cuba.

“BABEL 99”. Romerías de Mayo. Holguín. Cuba.

“The Soul of Two Poems’’. Hotel Meliá Varadero. Matanzas. Cuba.

The 5th Ceramics Biennial “Amelia Peláez”. National Museum of Cuban Contemporary Ceramics. Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana, Cuba.

Second National Contest “PMA in Action’’ (World Food Program). Complex of galleries La Casona. Salon “Plaza Vieja”. Cuba.

1998 “The Game is played by Women’’. 2nd Salon of Contemporary Art of Cuba. Complex of Galleries La Casona, Havana, Cuba

II Hall of Contemporary Art of Cuba. Galleries complex “La Casona”. Havana. Cuba.

“Painting Contest’’. Civil Aeronautics Institute of Cuba.

“3 in 1’’. Colón Gallery. Matanzas. Cuba.

“Without Barb’’. Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana, Cuba.

“The Young Print’’. Casa de las Américas. Havana. Cuba.

1997 “Engraving 97’’. Development Center for the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.

“Among Friends’’. National Theater, Avellaneda Hall, Havana, Cuba.

“Acknowledged and Initiators’’. Magazine Revolution and Culture. Cuba.

“The Sign of Desire as I Desire’’. Higher Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba.

“Tribute to Pablo’’. “The Trades” Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

“In the Family Circle’’. Traveling show. Venue of the magazine Bohemia. Havana. Cuba.

1996 ‘’Transfigurations’’. Valencia. Venezuela.

Melting workshop given U.S. sculptors, Higher Institute of Art (ISA). Havana, Cuba.

“Académica ’96”. San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

1995 “Juan Francisco Elso”. National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

1994 “No Remedy Helps’’. Higher Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba.

1993 Paintings. Group “Chung Wah”. International Press Center, Havana, Cuba.

“Cuballet ’93”. Grand Theater of Havana. “Imago Hall”. Cuba.

Stage decoration for Danza Contemporánea de Cuba. Grand Theater of Havana, Alejo Carpentier Hall, Havana, Cuba.

The 4th Havana Biennial, workshop of Chinese horns conducted by Chinese specialists. Chung Wah group. He is part of the Chung Wah plastic art group, of Chinese descendants, only one of its kind in Cuba.

Exhibitions of engravings and drawings of students of San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts. Development Center for the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.

Awards and Residencies

1999 Prize of Plastic Arts in the contest “70th Anniversary of Cubana de Aviación”

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