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Javier Martinez (b.1963)

Havana, Cuba

Artist Javier Martinez graduated as a Graphic Designer in Miami, Florida, his themes are usually about Cuban farmers, fruits, musicians, folklore and Cuban traditions, in his work you will find his personal poetry and tenderness, he uses colors that are rich, lively and brilliant, with that said, he is one of the most representative and characteristics Cuban artist with in the Cuban fine art. 




2023 - La Galeria Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


2019 - La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida

2018 - Miami Lakes Town Hall, Miami Lakes, Florida


2018 - La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida 

2018 - Frame on Wheels, Miami, Florida

2017 - La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida

2017 - Cuba Nostalgia, Plaza de los Artistas, Miami, Florida 

2013 - Futurama Building, Little Havana, Miami, Florida

2011 - Miami Dade Government Center, Miami, Florida 

2010 - Solo Art Miami (Miami Airport Convention Center) Miami, Florida

2010 - Miami Dade Government Center, Miami, Florida  

2009 - Small Works, Big Idea Vol. I (Da Vinci's Gallery) Miami, Florida

2008 - Miami Dade Government Center, Miami, Florida

2008 - Tower Theater Gallery, Miami, Florida

2008 - Cuba, Su Gente y Paisajes, Big Five Club, Miami, Florida


2008 - Art & Creativity 2008, One Brickell Square, Miami, Florida


2008 - IBERO (Magazine) American International, Miami, Florida

2008 - Carnival on the Mile, Coral Gables, Florida

2005 - Hispanic Art Expressions Wachovia Bank, Miami, Florida

2005 - Hispanic Art Expressions Washington Mutual Bank, Miami, Florida

2004 - Annual Charity Gala by His House Children’s Home (Eden Rock Hotel) Miami Beach, Florida

2004 - Hispanic Art Expressions, Miami, Florida

2003 - Casa Juancho Restaurant, Miami, Florida

2003 - Union Planters Bank, Miami, Florida

2002 - The Boheme Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Florida

2001 - Beneficent Raffle for the Fight on Cancer Eradication, Havana, Cuba

1999 - Nature 99, Havana, Cuba

1998 - Second National Competition P.M.A. in Action, Havana, Cuba


1998 - Arts & Tobacco, Havana, Cuba 

1998 - Combat III Edition, Havana, Cuba


1998 - Second Festival of the Cuban Culture, Italy 

1998 - First Landscape Saloon, Havana, Cuba 

1998 - Prophesy, Between Cross & Glasses, Havana, Cuba 

1997 - Between Myths & Outlines, Havana, Cuba  

1997 - Shades & Ancestors, Havana, Cuba  

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