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Hector Cata (1947-2024)

Havana, Cuba

Hector Catá graduated in 1972 from the prestigious art school "Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro" is the oldest and most prestigious fine arts school in Cuba. It is located in Marianao, a suburb of Havana, It was founded in 1818 at the Convent of San Alejandro by the French painter Jean Baptista Vermay, who was its first director. It is located today in a monumental building built in the early 1940s.  


Catá was an art teacher at both San Alejandro School of Fine Arts and at the Pottery Studio & Gallery of "Amelia Pelaez". Catá was also the Artistic Director at the Lenin Park in Cuba and served as the Director/Professor of the group "Landscape Version" in Cuba, he was selected as the exclusive artist for the promotional company for foreign artist, Artex SA in Havana, Cuba. Throughout his career, Catá designed numerous posters representing his country and several international events, several of his works won multiple awards and have been selected to commemorate significant dates and events. 

Hector Catá is internationally renowned artist and has participated in over forty solo and group exhibitions, his work can be found in numerous public and private collections internationally in over twenty five countries and four continents. Some of his collectors are celebrities like Shakira, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Maria Conchita Alonso, Olga Guillot, Ben Affleck, Antonio Banderas and Malena Bourke. 




2023 La Galeria Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2020 La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida

2019 La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida

2018 Miami Lakes Town Hall, Miami Lakes, Florida

2018 La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida  

2018 Frame on Wheels, Miami, Florida

2018 Coco & Vanilla, Little Havana, Miami, Florida

2017 Santa Fe Colonial Gallery, Miami, Florida  

2017 La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida

2017 Cuba Nostalgia, Plaza de los Artistas, Miami, Florida 

2016 Leals Gallery, Miami, Florida 

2015 Catá & Joya Fine Art Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida
2014 Catá & Joya Fine Art Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida

2011 Leals Gallery, Miami, Florida 

2010 Leals Gallery, Miami, Florida

2007 Expo Lexux, Miami, Florida 

2002 Brickell Village Gallery, Miami, Florida 

2001 The Tower Theater, Miami, Florida 

2001 Catá in Los Angeles, Glendale, California 

2001 Cuba Nostalgia Expo, Miami, Florida  

2000 West Dade Regional Library, Miami, Florida

1999 Spectrum International, Miami, Florida

1998 One Brickell Gallery, Miami, Florida 

1998 Galeria Amalia Mahoney, Chicago, Illinois 

1998 Cuban Collection Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Florida 

1997 Anita D' Alvarez Gallery, Miami, Florida  

1997 Vanidades Gallery, Miami, Florida  

1995 ABC Club, Barranquilla, Colombia

1994 La Cupula Gallery, Valencia, Spain

1993 Caja de Murcia, Madrid, Spain

1992 Gijon Principado de Austurias, Cimavilla, Spain

1991 Bosques de las Lomas, Lomas, Mexico

1991 Centro Tamaulipeco  de Bellas Arte, Victoria, Mexico

1990 Barrio Gallery, New York, New York

1989 Catá en Cancun, Playa Linda, Mexico

1986 Espacio Jorge Debravo, Turrialba, Costa Rica

1986 Habitantes Gallery, Panama City, Panama

1985 Tejas y Rejas Gallery, Caesar Park Hotel, Panama City, Panama

1984 Habana Vieja Gallery, Caesar Park Hotel, Panama City, Panama

1983 Tejas y Reyes Gallery, Havana, Cuba

1982 Algo de lo Nuestro, Havana, Cuba

1981 Todo era a alli Como Recuerdo, Havana, Cuba

1976 Vitral de America, Havana, Cuba

1974 Mitos y Leyendas Cubanas, Havana, Cuba 




2017 Mojitos Cuban Restaurant, (Eight Street) Miami, Florida 

2002 La Mansion Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

2001 Mojitos Cuban Restaurant, (Dolphin Mall) Miami, Florida 

1995 America Korner Learning Center, Barranquilla, Colombia

1992 Principality of Asturias, Asturias, Spain

1991 Tamaulipas, Victoria, Mexico

1990 Saint Joseph's Hospital, New Jersey, New York 

1989 Marina Hemingway, Havana, Cuba

1987 Fiesta Marina Restaurant, Havana, Cuba

1985 CIMEQ Hospital, Havana, Cuba 




2002 Proclamation Day of Hector Catá, Coral Gables, Florida. 

2001 Proclamation Day of Hector Catá, Miami, Florida

1999 Spectrum International Art, Tampa, Florida

1997 Creator League Against Cancer, "With Love", Miami, Florida

1984 Order of 1300 Anniversary of Bulgarian Culture, Bulgaria

1980 University in Munich Germany/TV Tower Gallery, Berlin, Germany

1978 University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

1977 The UNESCO Exhibit, Caracas,Venezuela

1976 Human Settlements, Vancouver, Canada 

1975 The Provincial Juvenile Hall, Havana, Cuba

1974 The UNESCO Exhibit, Paris, France 

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