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Andres Nogueira (1890-1964) 

Regla, Cuba


Artist Andrés Nogueira, was a painter, engraver and metal embosser. He studied painting, at the prestigious (San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts): "Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro" is the oldest and most prestigious fine arts school in Cuba. It is located in Marianao, a suburb of Havana. It was founded in 1818 at the Convent of San Alejandro by the French painter Jean Baptiste Vermay, who was its first director. It is located today in a monumental building built in the early 1940s.


Artist Andrés Nogueira completed his artistic training in Europe. His first exhibitions, were in the Annual Meetings of the Circle of Fine Arts and the Association of Painters and Sculptors, where he performed in 1920, by the landscaper a sample Hipólito Canals. In 1926 he embarked for Europe, and lived in Paris, where he exhibits in January 1928, with artists and sculptor Domingo Ravenet Sabas, his works performed in France. After a brief stay in Cuba, where he was assistant professor of St. Alexander, the chair of Engraving was occupied by Mariano Miguel; ship returned to Europe, this time to Spain, where he settled in Madrid, working in the printing press, and holding exhibitions. The Spanish Civil War foiled his development, he lost all his works, and returned to Cuba, by the Cuban government repatriated to thrive art on home soil, like many other artists of his time.



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