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Ariel Celestino Hernandez (b.1974)

Havana, Cuba

Artist Ariel Celestino Hernandez, also known as “El Pintor De Las Curvas” migrated from Cuba to the United States in 1999. Artist Ariel Celestino Hernandez started his artwork at six years of age, when he first did a portrait of his teacher. When his teacher saw the portrait, she knew he would one day, make this his career, as he was naturally gifted. He had his first art exposition in Cuba at the age of 17, since then, he has done several expositions in the United States, Europe, and Central America. 


Artist Ariel Celestino Hernandez studied many techniques by reading art books filled with biographies and pictures of masters inspiring him to create his own unique style and his own master pieces. His art work is very personal in every way, the colors, the buildings, the streets, the plants and the people, are a reflection of urban civilizations, with a touch of movement that define his art work. His art work can be compared to a universe of light and bright colors with movements. His style is different, colorful, and easily recognizable, by its elegant curves with a well-defined personal seal. Artist Ariel Celestino Hernandez has been featured in several magazines and has appeared on numerous television programs. He has done many murals including a large mural for the Hotel Loews in Miami Beach, Florida. Artist Ariel Celestino Hernandez has donated many of his art works to charitable not for profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Amigos for Kids and St. Jude Research among others.


The work of artist Ariel Celestino Hernández, is based on elements and figures that are mixed in a compact form, which come together to form a monolithic block, giving rise to a harmonic set of a unique structural beauty. Defining his work is somewhat complicated, his style is different, simple, direct, colorful, easily recognizable by his elegant curves and with a very well defined personal seal. His work stands out for the contained expression, forms a center that turns it into an axis around which revolves the life of a city, adorned with various elements, that adhere to their fabrics through their masterly hand. He's work is surrealist, since it is easy to find a city navigating between clouds, or a lectern obstructing the public way, he's work has a same conductive lines for all its subjects, by what we are, before a very well defined personal seal, with the color, the expression and the texture of a true painting.





Miami Lakes Town Hall, Miami Lakes, Florida 

La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida 

Carnival on the Mile, Coral Gables, Florida 

Delray Beach Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida



La Galeria Fine Art, Miami, Florida

Cuba Nostalgia, Plaza de los Artistas, Miami, Florida 

Delray Beach Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida

Bellagio International Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida



The 17th Annual Delray Beach Garlic & Arts Festival, Delray Beach, Florida

Milander Center for Arts & Entertainment, Mitos Urbanos Black & White, Hialeah, Florida  



Wirtz Gallery, El Pintor de las Curvas, South Miami, Florida

The 28th Annual Las Olas Art Fair, Fort Lauderdale, Florida



The 43rd Annual Chamber South Miami Art Festival, Miami, Florida



Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival, Coral Gables, Florida  



The Victoria House, Miami, Florida

L' Ateleier Fine Art, Miami, Florida



Escuela Conchita Alonso, Miami, Florida

Cuba Nostalgia, Miami, Florida

Copa con Romance, Miami, Florida

Tower Theater, Miami, Florida



Hereford Grill, Miami, Florida

Exposicion con los Tios, Miami, Florida

Exponica Internacional, Miami, Florida

Revista Iberoamericana, Miami, Florida

Viernes de Tertulia, Revista Uni Latina, Miami, Florida

Exposicion Copa con Romance, Impro, Miami, Florida



Bronx Velle Art Center, New York, NY



Fianma de Arte, Caracas, Venezuela



Giasanta Fine Arts, San Pedro Sula, Hunduras



Pabellon, La Habana, Cuba



Castillo de la Juventud, La Habana, Cuba

Primer Salon de Artistas Contemporaneos, La Habana, Cuba

Casa de la Cultura Guanabacoa, La Habana, Cuba 

Galeria Tacon No. 4 Casco Historico, La Habana, Cuba 

Casa de la Cultura de 10 de Octubre, La Habana, Cuba 

Sala de Exposiciones Villa Panamericana, La Habana, Cuba 



Galeria de Arte de Amelia Pelaez, La Habana, Cuba

Castillo de la Juventud, La Habana, Cuba

Galeria Tacon No.4 Casco Historico, La Habana, Cuba

Casa de la Cultura de 10 de Octubre, La Habana, Cuba 

Galeria Amelia Pelaez, La Habana, Cuba 



Casa de la Cultura Marianao, La Habana, Cuba 

Castillo de la Juventud, La Habana, Cuba 

Sala de Teatro, ICRT, La Habana, Cuba 

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