Born in Havana, Cuba (1938-2021)


Ana Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1938, the artist was inspired by her memories as a child while living in Cuba before moving to the United States in 1956. Ana Rodriguez remembered her love for the art's since early childhood and started painting at a young age and still had fresh memories of the Cuban people enjoying the ocean views at the famous "Malecon" and of the Cuban men working the streets throughout the city of Havana like "El Manicero" selling peanuts, "El Billetero" selling lotto tickets, "El Tamalero" selling hot tamales and "El Cubanito" selling snow cones to all the children, she also remembered all the joy on the people’s faces while dancing "La Conga" through out the streets of "El Prado" during the music festivals called "La Comparsas." Ana Rodriguez paintings take us back through time to Havana in the 1950's.


Ana Rodriguez also had the privilege of meeting in person and also spoke several times to "El Caballero de Paris" a well-known street person in Havana during the early 1950's, he would walk the streets and ride the public buses, throughout city of Havana, wearing a black suit and cape, with long grey hair, greeting everyone that crossed his path, discussing his philosophy on life, religion, politics and current events. All her memories as a child are incorporated and transformed into her original folkloric Cuban fine art, several work's by the artist have sold while being exhibited at galleries through out Miami, on internet auctions and at the renowned yearly Cuban event called "Cuba Nostalgia" which attracts thousands of people from all around the globe.