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La Dama de los Aretes by Dulce Beatriz

Unforgettable Character by Ramón Carulla

About us

About us  

La Galeria Fine Art has been selling fine art for over twenty years we celebrate the diversity selection of art from renowned artists from around the globe. We offer a large collection of breathtaking master pieces from oil paintings to sculptures. Each piece of artworks tells a unique story and carries with it the soul of its creator. We take pride in offering a space where art transcends cultural barriers and becomes a bridge from people from all walks of life. At La Galeria Fine Art you will find an experience that goes beyond mere contemplation is an emotional journey that invites you to explore your own creativity and appreciate the beauty of art that surrounds us. 




The Reunion by Ramón Carulla

Landscape by Dulce Beatriz

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Landscape by Dulce Beatriz

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Valentin Valls Jr

Gallery Director


La Galeria Fine Art

2370 Wilton Drive

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305


tel: 954-765-6133

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